Datascapes offers a full range of services including including web design, SEO and Social Media



Do you design and support Wordpress websites?

Yes - we have developed simple and complex Wordpress sites including ecommerce, membership, elearning and multi-lingual websites.

Do you design and support eCommerce sites?

Yes - we design and support Wordpress WooCommerce and Shopify websites

What is your specialty?

Small business or departmental websites where the client needs to be able to easily update the site on a regular basis.

What type of websites do you design?

All types - single page, small business, intranets, ecommerce, blogs, knowledgebases - for clients of all sizes

Do you design custom websites?

Yes - many of our sites are custom-designed using the Webflow web hosting service. Wordpress is great - but sometimes you need greater flexibility to achieve the site goals.

Can you keep my Wordpress theme and plugins up-to-date?

Yes - It is important for security and workability to keep Wordpress up-to-date. If you do the updates on a regular basis - you won't get hit with an expensive major upgrade.

Do you offer ongoing website support?

Yes - for both site maintenance and for content updating. Most of our clients update their sites themselves - but some prefer to get us to do it.

Can you help me get ownership back of my domain and hosting?

Yes - It is essential that you have ownership of all your internet assets (ie. hosting, domain, social media and plugins) - it can be time-consuming and expensive to get control back if the assets are registered under an email you do not have access to.

Do you offer web hosting services?

No, we help you setup your web hosting at a high quality hosting service, but we do not act as a middleman - everything is registered under your account.